Development a newly website with Recipe Development and Event Management.

Background & Objective

  • Everyone can be the home chef with Anchor!
  • We create the informative user friendly website, drive Cooker Lover to website and educate the product knowledge within workshops


We have developed Anchor Official Website which is user-friendly, SEO-friendly, fully responsive and Facebook feeds connected.

Recipe Development with Cooking Studio

Organized monthly workshop with CLASSES, from recipe development, online recruitment, to event management.

CLASSES website co-branded feature site with advertorial and social media boosting

小編早兩日Post咗張相出嚟之後,好多人問點報名!大家可以上去睇下喇! 【CLASSES X Anchor Home Chef 烹飪班】 太陽花檸檬 Naked Cake 工作坊 第一堂: 日期:2018-7-18 (...

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Result Highlights

  • Enrich the recipe and product information
  • Recruited 40 cooking lovers per month through website
  • SEO ranking up