AXE was first launched in 1969 and has served consumers for almost 50 years with its comprehensive product line, ranging from dishwashing soap to fabric care, kitchen and floor cleaning products.


  • Strengthen the No.1 leadership position in dishwashing with a stronger focus to the younger demographics
  • Leverage social media presense to widen halo-effect of AXE equity as a homecare brand and promote adjacent product categories


New Product Launch Promotions

Knowledge Content #小貼士大清潔

Video Content Development

【AXE 新產品登場!各大超市* 優悅熱賣!】 今次推出嘅 AXE Plus +三重功效洗潔精,包含以下三重功效,滿足你三個願望: 1) 去除 99.9% 常見家居細菌如金黃葡萄球和大腸桿菌。 2) 強效潔力,有效清走頑固油脂和污垢,省水省力省時間。 3) 加入天然糖苷,滋潤雙手,更呵護肌膚。SGS權威測試證實,肌膚無刺激。 新產品係環保無磷配方,洗起嚟就更安心~保護家庭同時亦減低對環境的傷害。 備有兩款香味「淳香橙花」及「淡雅綠茶」畀大家選擇,想享受 #洗碗優悅體驗,即刻買齊兩款產品返屋企啦!嚟緊仲會有推廣優惠,記得密切留意我哋 Facebook 專頁喇! *超市包括:PARKnshop、Fusion、Taste、SU-PA-DE-PA、AEON、AEON STYLE、HKTV mall、APITA、UNY、Ztore #AXE #homecare

Posted by AXE Home Care on Monday, 18 March 2019

二月真係放假高峰期呀,身邊一定好多朋友都去咗旅行!但當你都冇哂假嘅時候………………自製旅行啦! #記得買返支AXE支持下 #AXEPlus抗菌除噏洗衣液 資料來源:Fly challenge

Posted by AXE Home Care on Tuesday, 19 February 2019

O2O Facebook Game

Page Like Ad Strategy - AB Tests and Audience Setting

Result Highlights

  • Over 140,000 Monthly Reach
  • Over 23,000 Reach per Feed
  • Increased Inbox and Feed Comment Engagement