Our Social Media strategy for eBay, the Top Ecommerce Company in the world, to find "Warm" Ecommerce Audience.

Background & Objective

  • Attract potential HK sellers and drive Traffic to ebay website
  • Recruit potential sellers to attend monthly seminar
  • Lower the CPM and CPC for each facebook ad

Facebook Feeds

Engaging Content for Seminar Recruitment

We have created some fruitful and engaging content with different post format, not only for our fans, but also for some new/potential targeted Audience with dark post ad boosting.

HK Seller Testimonial campaign

Storytelling has always played a part in successful marketing. Customer testimonials are considered the most effective content marketing tactics. Here are how we did it.

Facebook FanPage Cover Photo

Link Posts with AB Testing for Ad Strategy

CLASSES Advertorial / Facebook Boosting / SEO

It might take longer to write, but creating high-quality, long-form content is still the best way to engage and inspire people!

【多方面積極協助賣家提升商品銷量及曝光】 為促進網上購物,eBay 除咗會主動喺熱門商品類別中挑選有潛力既商品放上不同國家站點既Deals Page,為賣家在商品上提供優惠支援之餘,仲會作多方面宣傳以推廣商品。 近年,eBay香港為推動本土交易,更特設 eBay 熱賣,實行積極幫助香港賣家捉緊商機、提升商品銷量同曝光機會~

Posted by classes.com.hk on Monday, 4 March 2019

Guideline of Applying Public Green Channel - Video Production

Step-by-step video guideline for beginners! We are responsible for the copywriting, storyboard and the production.

【申請企業入駐通道 – 4 大要訣!】 立即申請:https://bit.ly/2DEsDir 作為賣家,想獲得更多刊登數量額度及帳戶客戶經理輔助服務,在eBay平台銷量大幅提升?咁就要立即申請企業入駐通道(Public Green Channel)!企業入駐通道開通後,賣家將獲得各種網售優勢! 想知點樣申請企業入駐通道?eBay為你預備咗幾個入駐要訣事項,立即去片啦! 想快人一步知道更多實用資訊?咁就要嚟 #eBay免費新手賣家工作坊喇~ 立即報名 : http://bit.ly/2qMBUws #全球最權威跨境電商貿易平台之一

Posted by eBay Hong Kong on Wednesday, 14 November 2018

Result Highlights

  • Over 40,000 reaches per post
  • Filled up all monthly seminars
  • Increase traffics of websites and number of HK sellers