Golden Statue has consistently dominated the Hong Kong bread flour market since 1960s, providing high quality flour for hotels, large bakery chains and food manufacturers. And now, we are helping the brand to promote a range of pre-mixed powder products for home users.


  • Increase Facebook fans and feed performance by providing recipes, cooking tips and Flour knowledge to target audience
  • Build Cooking Expertise image and attract cooking Lover
  • Motivate Audience to attend cooking workshops
  • Enhance Product awareness
  • New Product Launch of Eggtart pre-mixed powder

Solutions - Social Media Content Development

Joint promotion line up

Create Recipe Content to interact with fans by using Facebook auto reply function. Without placing any ads, we have got amazing result that over hundreds of comments are posted in each feed.

Video recipe development with Facebook feed. It is always better to learn cooking tips through video.

Educational content development with Facebook "Knowledge" feed.

New Egg Tart Premix product launch campaign.

Promotional feed – Drive Sales

Promotional feed – Drive traffic to expo

Result Highlights

  • Enhance 40% of Facebook Reach and Engagement
  • Enrich the recipe and product information
  • Recruited 40 cooking lovers per month through Facebook comments